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D.Chromosome is a creative platform investigating and debating new ways of conception, communication and fabrication of architecture in the post digital age. A network for sharing ideas and knowledge, for promoting, exploring and developing experimental design and technology through academic research, education, events, lectures and workshops.

We operate in Florence with the aim of integrating the local architectural culture with generative design methodologies by gathering a broad multidisciplinary group of international designers, researchers, academicians and practitioners. This is a collective project, a participated experiment that aims at emphasising the role of computation and digital design thinking as tightly connected and interwoven with our culture and society.


Simone Forconi

Architect and Computational Designer

Martina Rosati

Architect and Computational Designer

Marco Micheli

Architect and Project Manager

Irene Morandi

Graphic Designer

Riccardo Mechi

Architect and Project Manager

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