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Discrete Architecture

Discrete Architecture : have we ever been digital?
Gilles Retsin will talk about a shift in digital design thinking in architecture that favours the discrete over the continuous.
26th of January @ 6pm in Florence, @ Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea, Piazza delle Murate 1.
Sign up here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1334490809928922/
“The past two decades of experimentation with digital design methodologies in architecture were based on a so called morphogenetic approach, which understands architecture as a gradually developing organ-like system. Recent generative work attempts to discretize the computational design process, but fails to make constructive and tectonic constraints a fundamental part of the algorithmic logic. This work still relies heavily on continuous fabrication techniques, which are complicated, labour-intensive and often structurally inefficient. […] Shifting away from the continuous approach of the morphogenetic experimentation, this new research introduces a logic which is based both on discrete computation and discrete fabrication. Rather than arguing for complicated processes such as mass-customisation of thousands of different elements, or 3D printing, it looks at serial repetition of discrete, prefabricated parts, which are able to combine into heterogeneous and complex forms, while remaining highly economical.” 

(G.Retsin, “Discrete Assemblage as design and fabrication strategy”, 2015)